Available for pre-order.

2 colors.


Available for pre-order.

1 Color.

Celebrate with

a Vazane

Have you climbed a career ladder, passed a life milestone, celebrated an important victory or a milestone birthday? Treat yourself to the exceptional, wear a VAZANE to celebrate the occasion.

A unique bag...

Each bag is made up of one to 3 Zebucq leaves, hand-transformed in the manner of a painting. It's this process and the different structure of each coconut fiber that make each model unique.

...like you

VAZANE reminds the woman who wears it of what makes her strong and valuable: SHE. Personalize your VAZANE by engraving the handle and keep a memory of an exceptional moment. You can also opt for a made-to-measure VAZANE in a unique color.

Infinite customization

A unique material:

le Zébucq

The creation of Zébucq, our unique material derived from the coconut palm, required 2 years of research. We drew our inspiration for Zébucq from art. Coconut fiber is worked by hand, like a painting canvas. We mixed techniques with a zest of mystery, which is one of our trade secrets.


Each fiber is manipulated an average of 20 times, requiring 3 to 10 hours of effort, depending on the desired effect. Thanks to this manual labor and the different texture of each fiber, each piece is unique. It takes between 15 and 40 hours to manufacture a VAZANE bag. It's a long and meticulous process, designed to offer the ultimate in craftsmanship.

Our expertise

VAZANE by Lora & Zéboutin is a fine leather goods brand inspired by nature and the richness of a multicultural creative heritage. It stands out for its exceptional craftsmanship, shaping each piece of leather goods with passion and meticulousness.


We artfully fuse tradition and innovation, creating modern products while preserving the finesse of a unique artisanal technique. Every VAZANE bag and accessory is the fruit of meticulous craftsmanship.


In addition to our exclusive coconut fiber material, Zébucq, we carefully select skins and fabrics. Our focus is on quality and ethics.

Our mission is to reveal the uniqueness and personality of each individual, through our original and timeless creations.

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