VAZANE by Lora & Zéboutin

Founded in 2020, VAZANE is a high-end leather goods brand inspired by nature.


Born in Strasbourg thanks to the innovative spirit of Loetitia Razanamarie, the brand is now one of the rising stars of luxury leather goods, thanks to its know-how, absolute rigor and the high quality of its creations. VAZANE stands as an oasis of authenticity, drawing its inspiration from a multicultural creative heritage.

Art, tradition and innovation

We artfully merge tradition and innovation, creating modern products while preserving the finesse of a unique artisan technique. Every VAZANE bag and accessory is the fruit of meticulous research into noble, durable materials.


In addition to our exclusive material made from coconut fiber, Zébucq, we carefully select skins and fabrics, with a focus on quality and ethics.


Vazane by Lora et Zéboutin are upcycled bags and accessories made from our own scraps of material, designed and manufactured in France. We dress women looking for unique, timeless pieces.

A visionary soul

Coconut fiber is a straw, smooth and unsightly on one side, covered in moss on the other. Looking beyond appearances, scratching beneath the moss, we discovered an incredible texture, with naturally-drawn relief patterns. 

Our mission

Our mission is to affirm the uniqueness and personality of each individual, through our creations that embody timeless elegance à la française.


We all have something that makes us different, something that makes each of us unique.


VAZANE reminds the woman who wears it of what makes it strong and valuable: Her.

A touch of uniqueness

Our bags made from Zebucq, a rare and exclusive renewable material derived from the coconut palm, are true works of art to be worn. Each bag is made from one to 3 Zebucq leaves, hand-transformed in the manner of a painting. It's this process and the different structure of each coconut fiber that make each model unique.

Words from
the Creator

"My journey between Madagascar and France has shaped my vision of craftsmanship, blending Malagasy creativity and initiative with the elegance of French leatherwork.


In Madagascar, as in many African countries, people create with what they have.


Having lived in France for 13 years now, I've become immersed in the culture of beauty and the finesse of French craftsmanship. That's why I didn't just want to create a new material, I wanted to create the exceptional: to design the Zébucq, I was inspired by Art.


I combine tradition and innovation in my designs. I create timeless pieces to which I add modern details. 


Know-how is part of our brand identity. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of our products and is at the heart of our DNA.


We don't sell bags, we share a story. That of a precious multicultural heritage and a passion for creation."

Our mascot, Zéboutin, was chosen as a tribute to Madagascar, the country of origin of our creator, one of whose emblems is the Zebu.


It symbolizes the fact that nothing can be achieved alone. It represents all the artisans and partners who work with VAZANE.

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