Maria, the aerial wand

After 3 years of design, the Maria is now one of VAZANE's flagship models.

A 3-stage design


The baguette is one of the first models revisited by VAZANE. It was called VAZANE Baguette and took up the codes of the Vazane Ely, with a fabric band in the middle and a chain for shoulder carrying.


In its second version, the VAZANE wand is more streamlined, with a thinner band, stripped of its chain.


It was in 2023 that the Maria finally took shape. The middle strip of the VAZANE Eli was removed. All that's missing is the handle.

Inspired by art, our pieces are conceived as wearable works of art. And like paintings that need to be framed in order to stand out, our pieces deserve to be framed. And so, after 3 years of conception, the Maria was born.

Let yourself be seduced

Create your VAZANE

At VAZANE, the pleasure is in the details. We offer a customization service that will elegantly transform your VAZANE into a unique creation.

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