A unique touch

The art of customization according to VAZANE

At VAZANE, the pleasure is in the details. We offer a customization service that will elegantly transform your VAZANE into a unique creation.

Create your VAZANE

1 - Co-creation

Set aside a moment to share your inspirations: they can range from a world, a photo or a memory to a color palette that's dear to you. You'll also discuss the various aspects of your project, so that the co-creation is a perfect fusion of your desires and our expertise.

2 - Design

You will then receive a proposal that reflects your exact vision. Your VAZANE will only be made once you have approved it.

3 - Manufacturing

Production times vary according to your request. To make this co-creation a unique artistic and fashion experience, we'll keep you informed every step of the way, right up to delivery of your Vazane.

A unique VAZANE

"I wanted colors that would remind me of the tea fields in Boseong, South Korea, while I waited to see them in real life one day. A few photos and exchanges later, the making of this pretty little thing began. I love it already, it's light, soft and unique!"

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