Our expertise

Unique know-how

Our bags are distinguished by our craftsmanship: we shape each piece with passion and attention to detail.


The richness of nature around us is our greatest source of inspiration for creating Vazane bags.

It takes 3 to 6 months to design each new model. After the initial sketches, several mock-ups, prototypes and fine-tuning sessions are necessary before we can offer you the perfect bag.

... to manufacturing

It all began with the creation of Zebucq, our flagship material. The transformation of coconut fiber requires a special technique that we refined during 2 years of research and development. 

Each sheet is handled a minimum of 20 times during this phase, which lasts an average of one week. It's a long and painstaking process, but one that's necessary to bring you the very best. Depending on the model, one to 3 pieces of Zebucq are used. The manufacture of a bag requires between 15 and 40 hours of manual labor.

Each piece is unique. Just like you.

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